Ashleigh b.

     Made in the U.S.A. - 1989


     Since age six, the majority of my time has been dedicated to a wide spectrum of creative pursuits, inspired by the beauty and intricacies of my experiences. The internet and I were "kids" together, and so I had the opportunity to grow up with the digital age and its expanding artistic platform - starting with Microsoft Paint and an old ball mouse. 

     My preferred art style is digital anime and fantasy illustration as its unique charisma peaked my interest back in 1996, and still strikes me as a stunning and wonderful way to use imagination. I value fantasy as it opens us up to concepts and sensory inputs that inspire us in unique ways.  

     I associate myself with the saying, "Jack of all trades and master of none," because there are many things that interest me and that I've immersed myself in, but haven't yet mastered. Illustration, photography, acting, music, various aspects of design, creative writing, martial arts, sculpture, costuming and needlework, videography, modeling, dance, astro sciences, game design, and animation - to name a few.

     I'm currently engaged in a full-time career completely outside the artistic realm that I take great pride in.  While it leaves little time for actual artwork, I will consistently work towards pursing this passion professionally!

UNIesque - Unbound Numinous Inspiration. I built this artistic brand around a lifetime of awe-inspiring, life-changing spiritual experiences. The call to be a light and the desire to share the strength garnered from those experiences have driven the purpose of this venture. UNIesque will draw from spiritual inspiration for every aspect of operation, to include future sub-branding.


✧ California State University, Sacramento - Bachelor of Arts: Studio Art w/ Electronic Art focus and some Graphic Design; 2008-2013

✧ Liberty University Online - Master of Arts: Executive Leadership; 2016-2021

Current Tool Competencies:

✧ Adobe Photoshop CC

✧ Wacom Cintiq 13HD; Wacom Intuos

✧ Macintosh & PC

✧ Traditional media: pencil, pen, acrylic paint, Prismacolor markers, Copic markers

✧ Canon EOS Rebel T6i

✧ Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Outlook, and some Excel

✧ Adobe Acrobat

✧ Wix, WordPress


✧ Freelance Work; 2008-present

    -Digital and traditional illustration, including participation in multiple artbook projects

    -Logo/graphic design

    -Character design

    -Basic web design/programming/upkeep

    -Multiple artist alley events; self-marketing, inventory, sales, display design/assembling

✧ Volunteer Work

    -2006-present - USAF; graphic design/illustration for various events, organizations, and heraldry

    -2006-2008 - Nsider2 (moved to Ninfora) - site graphics, game item illustration, forum moderation

    -2009 - Destiny Revival; Code Name Sailor V; cinematic artwork, voice acting as Sailor V

    -2011 - IGN; Hyrule's Most Wanted project; Aveil illustration

    -2011 - CSU: Sacramento; Women and War gallery exhibition; photomanipulation (used as showpiece)

    -2015 - Game Art HQ; Link's Blacklist project; Gerudo Pirate illustration


My Creator and His angels, the majesty of our universe, my night and daydreams, childhood adventures, family, Disney, Studio GhibliThe Legend of Zelda, Sailor Moon, Rurouni Kenshin, Star Wars, Wonder Woman, J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Ernest Cline, Thu and Jessica Thai,  Vyrhelle, Megan O'Rourke, Loish, wlop, Ross Tran, Gaudi Buendia, Peter Mohrbacher, Miv4t, Charlie Bowater, YuumeiAndreas RochaCT, Amy Lee, Lindsey Stirling, Kate Mulgrew, Robin WilliamsWithin Temptation, Two Steps From Hell, Really Slow Motion, Hans Zimmer, Ivan Torrent, and many more...